A Drunken Sobriety

I tucked Mason into bed about 20 minutes ago and now I just sit in my own thought with a hefty peace. Its 1:58 am and my face is still red, sitting here in front of my wall of nostalgia that just stares back at me, basking in the peace of “A Silent Cause” by The Paper Kites.

Truly a moment to be remembered, wired on caffeine and buzzed on Captain’s rum, just sitting; appreciating. Sometimes you’re just given so much that you forget how much you’re given. Your numbness just nullifies your own capacity for love and proper appreciation.

This wall of nostalgia says it all: how fortunate I am to be loved, to be respected, to be alive, to hold a basketball, to have people who want to take pictures with me, to have my best friend aggressively sleep-talking behind me.

Now, how odd is it that “liquid courage” was my companion down this path of insight? I say it with a fair smirk on my face: I’m growing and with each painful step, painless benefits are rolling down like snowballs down a fucking hill.

I’m happy.

– September 7, 2016


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