A New Chapter Into the Abyss of Independence: Self-Transcendence and Self-Realization

A new and particularly interesting phase of confusion and unknowing crashed into me for the first time in many months. A unique feeling of arbitrary instability fuelled by a very recent heartbreak. Now, it is only appropriate, the way it daunts on me, however, it is time for integrity to meet its closest and furthest companion, action.

Life is not a long enough time for men to bathe in rotating weeks of work, play, and sadness. But, it is a short enough time to create and upbring one’s ultimate self: the fullest growth of a man’s superego. The time has passed for my own self-loathing and emotional spontaneity and around the corner lies countless obstacles: jealousy, negativity, addiction, all of which lie under the ominous tree of independence.

Now, I look in the mirror instead of outwards and I seek the gravity, power and beauty behind a true sense of one’s independence.

  • September 3, 2016

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