Romance and Emotion vs. Logic and Intellect

The book unfolds into a first chapter and an initial problem: the catalyst of my inspiration. Alyshia: my dearest, a person whom I respect with greater than myself, a gorgeous girl, and the wisest of mentors.

Now, my original mindset would connote shame, dishonour, and self-disdain to such a description. I question myself and my integrity because of my own emotional confusion. But I propose to myself a new method of thinking: one that rejects shame, dishonour, and self-disdain and welcomes positivity, uplifting, and logic.

My entire life, I’ve prided myself and my capacity for balance and logical thinking. It confuses me then, how when the waves start picking up, it seems like my foundation (of balance and intellect that I find so much pride in) collapses like sand. Integrity exists hand-in-hand with logic and balance. Therefore, it might be concluded that one’s mindset is molded by his integrity?

– September 3, 2016


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