God and Jordan Belfort

What is the fine line between economic prowess and divine wisdom? At a point in time, Jordan Belfort’s establishment, Stratton Oakmont, was responsible for over 1 billion dollars, all of which was funnelled through thousands of investments in 50% commission penny stocks. Going down in history as one of the largest economic scams, Belfort, utilizing the strategic placement of words and advertisement, had lost over 200 million investor dollars.

Now, the question re-emerges; what is the fine line between the fundamental laws of economics and God’s spoken word? At this moment, 81% of all mankind adheres to Christianity. The Holy Bible represents absolute truth for a population of 2.2 billion souls. Through the notion of omnipotence and omnipresence, is a fearful motive that instigates ultimate dedication.

The truest and purest synthesis of Belfort and God lies in the paralleling hunger for self-fulfillment. As Belfort, hidden behind the mask of Stratton Oakmont and the perfect cocktail of bullshit, achieved an immense monetary wealth; God, on the other hand, existing in the illusion of omnipotence and covered by the nature of intangibility, gains the lifelong financial and spiritual dedication of billions.

Perhaps then, the fine line is extinct as Belfort’s economic prowess and God’s divine wisdom serve as two different funnels that route towards the same destination: self-fulfillment, power, and wealth. Now, the question is raised, why does our society rain judgment down upon Mr. Belfort while uplifting and worshipping the same “wolfe” hidden behind a different mask?

– September 10, 2016

Humility, Gravity

The fourth rides into the most painfully obvious milestone that which I’ve neglected. Humility: potentially my weakest quality.

Like gravity, humility is often a disregarded and unnoticed aspect of one’s life. It is only with recession that a seemingly normal society is destroyed.

Today, a man walked up to me and I shook his hand as I looked into his eyes. The eyes were aggressive and the hand was stiff. He stepped away and I thought, pondering the factors that contribute to such a primitive, underlying fury. Then I stepped back, my mind contemplating. Pride was the answer but its opposite, humility was the solution.

I sit back and rest on the concept on humility. The values and skills of open-mindedness, balance, self-awareness, and independence are its closest allusions. Yet, I find it so uniquely disturbing how modern ideals of society thrive and hinge on pride and selfishness.

– September 6, 2016

Leisure: Self-Actualization

The third chapter unveils the first day where my pen meets paper to complete no task other than discussing my monotonous introspection. A very petite, but groundbreaking feat was finalized in my last two days. I’ve felt the presence of an introvert that emerged through thick piles of reinforced walls.

As the stench of superficiality, the solidity of cement walls, and the grubbiness underneath my feet start to make me twitch a little bit every step I advance, I’m beginning the first feet of the stint.

Now, I took into the abyss of independence with radical excitement but it has weakened my knees. But here is presented, the paradox of challenges: you see it coming, but you forget how hard it can hit.

But one of the many perks that entail independence is its architectural properties; similar to confidence in that aspect. As a foundation is completed, the beautiful frame of networking becomes art instead of work. However, mind myself, do not underestimate the process of building, as the foundation weighs 20% of the house and takes about 7 times that weight to solidify and set it.

I’m currently in the process, but it’ll all be worth it in the end.

– September 5, 2016

The Labyrinth: Closure and New Beginnings

The second chapter opens with a leap of faith into uncharted territory and closes with an ultimate emergence; all of which occurs on the consequent day of the previous chapter. The labyrinth of closure; the emotional deathtrap.

Closure and logic are two factors who run parallel to one another but despite their similarities, often times they dismantle each other. For the longest time, I believed closure could only be completed over the fading of nostalgia and the span of time. Closure was a kink in my armour, or my Achille’s heel per se. After every heartbreak, I felt like Theseus entering the Labyrinth to face the ultimate and foreseen challenge, the Minotaur, or in my case, finding emotional fulfillment. Music, magazines, and media speak to me, telling me that the solution is simply time. However, for the first time today, instead of hiding from the Minotaur, I pursued it. This is my leap of faith: mustering my will to own up to my mistakes and to move forward in a more integral, positive, and logical direction. I found accelerated closure today for the first time and it feels amazing as I also take my first step into independence.

I’ve extracted the formula for the best outcome: introspection and a quality of thinking that invites enrichment.

The most complete quality of life is just around the corner and I am continuing to strive for it.

– September 4, 2016

Romance and Emotion vs. Logic and Intellect

The book unfolds into a first chapter and an initial problem: the catalyst of my inspiration. Alyshia: my dearest, a person whom I respect with greater than myself, a gorgeous girl, and the wisest of mentors.

Now, my original mindset would connote shame, dishonour, and self-disdain to such a description. I question myself and my integrity because of my own emotional confusion. But I propose to myself a new method of thinking: one that rejects shame, dishonour, and self-disdain and welcomes positivity, uplifting, and logic.

My entire life, I’ve prided myself and my capacity for balance and logical thinking. It confuses me then, how when the waves start picking up, it seems like my foundation (of balance and intellect that I find so much pride in) collapses like sand. Integrity exists hand-in-hand with logic and balance. Therefore, it might be concluded that one’s mindset is molded by his integrity?

– September 3, 2016

A Drunken Sobriety

I tucked Mason into bed about 20 minutes ago and now I just sit in my own thought with a hefty peace. Its 1:58 am and my face is still red, sitting here in front of my wall of nostalgia that just stares back at me, basking in the peace of “A Silent Cause” by The Paper Kites.

Truly a moment to be remembered, wired on caffeine and buzzed on Captain’s rum, just sitting; appreciating. Sometimes you’re just given so much that you forget how much you’re given. Your numbness just nullifies your own capacity for love and proper appreciation.

This wall of nostalgia says it all: how fortunate I am to be loved, to be respected, to be alive, to hold a basketball, to have people who want to take pictures with me, to have my best friend aggressively sleep-talking behind me.

Now, how odd is it that “liquid courage” was my companion down this path of insight? I say it with a fair smirk on my face: I’m growing and with each painful step, painless benefits are rolling down like snowballs down a fucking hill.

I’m happy.

– September 7, 2016

A New Chapter Into the Abyss of Independence: Self-Transcendence and Self-Realization

A new and particularly interesting phase of confusion and unknowing crashed into me for the first time in many months. A unique feeling of arbitrary instability fuelled by a very recent heartbreak. Now, it is only appropriate, the way it daunts on me, however, it is time for integrity to meet its closest and furthest companion, action.

Life is not a long enough time for men to bathe in rotating weeks of work, play, and sadness. But, it is a short enough time to create and upbring one’s ultimate self: the fullest growth of a man’s superego. The time has passed for my own self-loathing and emotional spontaneity and around the corner lies countless obstacles: jealousy, negativity, addiction, all of which lie under the ominous tree of independence.

Now, I look in the mirror instead of outwards and I seek the gravity, power and beauty behind a true sense of one’s independence.

  • September 3, 2016