Purple Star

Mushrooms, as per usual, provided me with an interesting experience. In retrospect to my own previous statement, where I declared an internal war against my love for amphetamines and hallucinogens, I feel like it was fair for myself to enjoy a bit of a binge while basking in the comfort of my hometown.

Now, down to the nitty-gritty, did I experience any sort of realization or some form of transcending clarity?

Again, my answer is no. This recent experience with the drug involved many hallucinations and interesting internal visuals. However, with that said, I feel like the most unique aspect of this recent trip was the formation of physical feeling sourced from emotional/spiritual roots. My breathing patterns were changing based on the touch of my hand as my emotional/spiritual stability lied in a very small margin for comfort. Truly, it once again gave me a sense of belonging and perfection, removing me from the roots of societal norms and bringing me back to a state of infancy.

I feel like my mind has undergone a successful dust-off and refurbishing, like how a car engine goes through an oil change. I entered a realm of ambiance and creativity that I have not seen in many years.

Tuesday, January 3


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