Who am I, oh dear Airy Conscience?

I am stable, legitimate, positive, loving, loyal, grounded, powerful, inflated-chested influential, calm, wise, beautiful. No wind shall move this stable stone; but what will destroy this illusion of independence?

Mistakes, blame, and lust will destroy the man I see in the mirror. Now, the question comes down to head and nail, do I love myself or do I love the novelties of life?

She has it right, with peace, love, and achievement, the epitome of a woman I respect and feel such a gravitational pull towards.

Life is what you choose, and I choose to be the man I want to be; I choose to be the man who chooses quality and fulfillment and who denies novelty and brokenness.

Life is measured in learning, which I have experienced. Is this a feeling that I am willing to lose for trivia, entertainment, sex, or wealth? No, and although I know what makes me happy, now is the time to put happiness into a second gear.

– October 17, 2016


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