Leisure: Self-Actualization

The third chapter unveils the first day where my pen meets paper to complete no task other than discussing my monotonous introspection. A very petite, but groundbreaking feat was finalized in my last two days. I’ve felt the presence of an introvert that emerged through thick piles of reinforced walls.

As the stench of superficiality, the solidity of cement walls, and the grubbiness underneath my feet start to make me twitch a little bit every step I advance, I’m beginning the first feet of the stint.

Now, I took into the abyss of independence with radical excitement but it has weakened my knees. But here is presented, the paradox of challenges: you see it coming, but you forget how hard it can hit.

But one of the many perks that entail independence is its architectural properties; similar to confidence in that aspect. As a foundation is completed, the beautiful frame of networking becomes art instead of work. However, mind myself, do not underestimate the process of building, as the foundation weighs 20% of the house and takes about 7 times that weight to solidify and set it.

I’m currently in the process, but it’ll all be worth it in the end.

– September 5, 2016


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