God and Jordan Belfort

What is the fine line between economic prowess and divine wisdom? At a point in time, Jordan Belfort’s establishment, Stratton Oakmont, was responsible for over 1 billion dollars, all of which was funnelled through thousands of investments in 50% commission penny stocks. Going down in history as one of the largest economic scams, Belfort, utilizing the strategic placement of words and advertisement, had lost over 200 million investor dollars.

Now, the question re-emerges; what is the fine line between the fundamental laws of economics and God’s spoken word? At this moment, 81% of all mankind adheres to Christianity. The Holy Bible represents absolute truth for a population of 2.2 billion souls. Through the notion of omnipotence and omnipresence, is a fearful motive that instigates ultimate dedication.

The truest and purest synthesis of Belfort and God lies in the paralleling hunger for self-fulfillment. As Belfort, hidden behind the mask of Stratton Oakmont and the perfect cocktail of bullshit, achieved an immense monetary wealth; God, on the other hand, existing in the illusion of omnipotence and covered by the nature of intangibility, gains the lifelong financial and spiritual dedication of billions.

Perhaps then, the fine line is extinct as Belfort’s economic prowess and God’s divine wisdom serve as two different funnels that route towards the same destination: self-fulfillment, power, and wealth. Now, the question is raised, why does our society rain judgment down upon Mr. Belfort while uplifting and worshipping the same “wolfe” hidden behind a different mask?

– September 10, 2016


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