The Labyrinth: Closure and New Beginnings

The second chapter opens with a leap of faith into uncharted territory and closes with an ultimate emergence; all of which occurs on the consequent day of the previous chapter. The labyrinth of closure; the emotional deathtrap.

Closure and logic are two factors who run parallel to one another but despite their similarities, often times they dismantle each other. For the longest time, I believed closure could only be completed over the fading of nostalgia and the span of time. Closure was a kink in my armour, or my Achille’s heel per se. After every heartbreak, I felt like Theseus entering the Labyrinth to face the ultimate and foreseen challenge, the Minotaur, or in my case, finding emotional fulfillment. Music, magazines, and media speak to me, telling me that the solution is simply time. However, for the first time today, instead of hiding from the Minotaur, I pursued it. This is my leap of faith: mustering my will to own up to my mistakes and to move forward in a more integral, positive, and logical direction. I found accelerated closure today for the first time and it feels amazing as I also take my first step into independence.

I’ve extracted the formula for the best outcome: introspection and a quality of thinking that invites enrichment.

The most complete quality of life is just around the corner and I am continuing to strive for it.

– September 4, 2016


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